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In recent years, there has been an increased outcry over sexual violence and assault on the body of women, men, and children in spaces where they should traditionally be safe. Violations of the bodily integrity of persons continue to occur locally, nationally, and transborder.


What is the Sexual Offender Register?

The Sexual offender register is a documentation of reported, tried, or convicted cases of sexual violations or abuses as defined by the VAPP Act, 2015. The register is accessible to members of the public and security agencies. It has data on those convicted, available directly on the website while other categories (such as those reported, accused, or tried but not convicted) can be accessed based on demand.  

Any conduct which violates humiliates or degrades the sexual integrity of any person is termed sexual abuse or violation. This includes sexual assault, exploitation or harassment, and intimidation, as defined in part IV interpretations section 46 of the VAPP Act, 2015.  The register will serve as a tool to name and shame those convicted or reported to have engaged in sexual abuse or exploitation. 

Would – be employers, especially those working with vulnerable citizens, such as children, young adults, and persons with disabilities, are encouraged to carry out background checks for would-be applicants.

What is the Service Provider Register?

The service provider register or database is a collation of governmental, non-government, faith-based, voluntary and charitable associations/ institutions or individuals. They work all over Nigeria, to provide services such as shelter-homes, counseling, legal, financial, vocational, educational, psychosocial, medical, or other assistance to victims and survivors of all forms of domestic and sex-related violence, as captured in the VAPP Act. Service providers are registered with appropriate government agencies under the provision of the VAPP Act 2015 or any similar law also applicable in the service provider’s area of coverage or state of jurisdiction.  They have demonstrated service capacity and can show evidence of services provided.

The service provider register is a simple, easy to use electronic-based reporting template, which also serves as a communication loop between service providers, the public, NAPTIP, and security agencies.

  • Members of the public can confirm the status of an organisation as a service provider.
  • Search for and reach registered service providers to communicate cases that may require their intervention.
  • The service provider database can be found on the NAPTIP website

We encourage you to register your organisation or nominate a qualified one via

Please note that before an organisation is added to the database, due diligence will be conducted to determine qualification.

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