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Sexual violence is recognised as the most serious crime affecting women and girls in Nigeria. Despite the prevalence of the problem, there are limited facilities to help victims and the number of cases of sexual violence and rape that are reported and prosecuted are few, compared to the number of victims.

Attitudes and perceptions that question the morality of the victim and justify the actions of the perpetrator, have sustained a culture of victim blaming and stigma, ultimately silencing the victim.

The Her Story Our Story Nigeria campaign seeks to challenge the persistent cycle of sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria.

Campaign Objectives

  • To increase public awareness at state and national levels about sexual assault and violence against women as a human rights issue.
  • To raise private and public sector advocates & influencers who will sustain conversations narratives and actions; to counter persistent cycles of sexual and gender-based violence, victim blaming and the culture of silence.
  • Call attention of state governments to the scale of sexual assault and violence against persons in Nigeria: and the critical importance of state government commitment to fund, sustain and replicate Sexual Assault Referral Centers (SARCs).

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